NY for Street Photography

Business trip to New York. Only had a couple of hours to shoot. Here's how I did it. Continue Reading

From photos to Digital Art

I do have a special place in my heart for painting. Maybe because I'm a photographer. Or maybe I am a photographer because I like painting, I don't know. Continue Reading

The artist´s block

Lack of motivation or ideas? Do you think you suffer from Artist´s block? Continue Reading

Winter in Lisbon

Get out of your comfort zone. Even in bad weather conditions, just go out and shoot... Continue Reading

Human Towers in Barcelona

Took a couple of days to go and shoot the famous Human Towers in Barcelona. Take a look. Continue Reading

Shooting in Amsterdam

"Street photographing" in the awesome city of Amsterdam! Continue Reading

Angola: The Hidden Reality

Living in a slum in Luanda - The real and harsh life of those who literally have....nothing. Continue Reading

Primes or Zooms?

As far as photography is concerned, the most common discussion amongst photographers is whether one prefers to use zooms or primes. Here is my take on it. Continue Reading