My inspirations

NY for Street Photography

Business trip to New York. Only had a couple of hours to shoot. Here's how I did it. Continue Reading

From photos to Digital Art

I do have a special place in my heart for painting. Maybe because I'm a photographer. Or maybe I am a photographer because I like painting, I don't know. Continue Reading

The artist´s block

Lack of motivation or ideas? Do you think you suffer from Artist´s block? Continue Reading

Winter in Lisbon

Get out of your comfort zone. Even in bad weather conditions, just go out and shoot... Continue Reading

Human Towers in Barcelona

Took a couple of days to go and shoot the famous Human Towers in Barcelona. Take a look. Continue Reading

Shooting in Amsterdam

"Street photographing" in the awesome city of Amsterdam! Continue Reading

Angola: The Hidden Reality

Living in a slum in Luanda - The real and harsh life of those who literally have....nothing. Continue Reading