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New York shot with an iPhone

Turns out I currently have no gear. No camera, no lenses, no filters. Nothing. Nada. I tried mirrorless. Can’t get over the EVF situation. I just need to see everything clearly. I tried Olympus EM1 Mark I, Fujifilm XH1 and Canon EOS R. Olympus has the best image stabilisation, Fuji the best looks (and image quality) and Canon….is Canon. Menus are great, but the lack of the scroll wheel in the back really turned me off. So I am waiting for the next one. Maybe the new Olympus, new ... Continue Reading

Digital Creations

Sometimes photographers struggle to find reasons to go out and shoot. Even when you find the will to get out of the comfort of your couch and the warmth of the apartment, and you manage to get out to try to get some new images you can feel happy with, even then, you sometimes struggle to find inspiration and click the shutter. Continue Reading

Doors & Windows

One of my passions: composites. This time I wondered around Lisbon and Porto and took a closer look at doors and windows. Hope you like it. There are about 160 pictures in it. Continue Reading

My inspirations

NY for Street Photography

Business trip to New York. Only had a couple of hours to shoot. Here's how I did it. Continue Reading

From photos to Digital Art

I do have a special place in my heart for painting. Maybe because I'm a photographer. Or maybe I am a photographer because I like painting, I don't know. Continue Reading

The artist´s block

Lack of motivation or ideas? Do you think you suffer from Artist´s block? Continue Reading

Winter in Lisbon

Get out of your comfort zone. Even in bad weather conditions, just go out and shoot... Continue Reading