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Primes or Zooms?

As far as photography is concerned, the most common discussion amongst photographers is whether one prefers to use zooms or primes. Here is my take on it. Continue Reading

The Christmas Markets

Come with me along the danube on board of a cruise. Cold but beautiful. Continue Reading

Incredible India!

As a photographer, I always wanted to visit India. Or should I say "I always wanted to visit India as a photographer". See how it went... Continue Reading

Egypt – Cruising the Nile

On board the "Sonesta Star Goddess" up the majestic Nile, on a breathtaking voyage in a 5 star modern luxury cruise ship with upscale hospitality, as we watched 5000 years of history unfold before our eyes Continue Reading

Why is New York so amazing?

I have been to quite a few countries already, but there is somewhere that I never ever get tired of: New York City, "the city that never sleeps" Continue Reading

Caricature Manipulation

Learn to create a caricature using a photo and finally putting smooth photo effects. Continue Reading

Dodge and Burn Techniques

Learn about the best Dodge & Burn techniques. Credit to Glyn Dewis. Continue Reading

Clean White Background

Here is another fast method to clean your background Continue Reading