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Dodge and Burn Techniques

Learn about the best Dodge & Burn techniques. Credit to Glyn Dewis. Continue Reading

Clean White Background

Here is another fast method to clean your background Continue Reading

How to Clean Backgrounds

Here is a super nice and easy way to clean your backgrounds and floors Continue Reading

How to create a caricature #1

Using retouching techniques to create a caricature Continue Reading

HyperPhotography by Jean Francois Rauzier

A brief look at the digital photographic art of Jean François Rauzier Continue Reading

How to cut out hair

Here is how you can cut out hair in photoshop. Credits to Phlearn. Continue Reading

Flower project by Joel Grimes

Check out a very easy way to photograph a beautiful image and print it to hang on your leaving room. Continue Reading

15 Photography Addiction Signs

Admit it: You are one addicted motherphotographer! And here is why I know it! Continue Reading