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Sometimes photographers struggle to find reasons to go out and shoot. Even when you find the will to get out of the comfort of your couch and the warmth of the apartment, and you manage to get out to try to get some new images you can feel happy with, even then, you sometimes struggle to find inspiration and click the shutter.
And when you finally do, that split moment that you thought would probably result in a nice image, sometimes turns out to result in a pretty average image when you look at it at home, in your computer, with no “viewfinder magic”.
So why don’t you try something different? You don’t have to just shoot “street”. You don’t have to just shoot “landscapes”. You don’t have to just shoot “portraits”.

What If I tell you you don’t even need to shoot?

For me photography is all about geometry. Even in “street”, “landscapes” and “portraiture” photography. The lines, the diagonals, the symmetries, the triangles, it´s all about balance, elegance and color also.

So if you saw my earlier post, you know that I took hundreds of images of windows and doors around Lisbon and Porto to produce a single composite with doors and windows. I am lucky though, because for me it is just as pleasureable to work with photoshop as to take pictures.
So I thought, why don’t I use those hundreds of images I already have and turn them into beautiful, elegant pieces of art.

As I am very much into painting as well, I thought “why don’t I produce my own (digital) paintings?”
So I took the most appealing windows with the most appealing colors and tiles, worked around them expanding the plastered wall or the typical Portuguese tiles and produce some geometric colorful minimalistic images that I can turn into elegant frames to decorate my house.

I know…it is not “pure photography”. It is a mixed (can we call it?) art where I put together my sense of style and aesthetics, my own pictures, and a bit of photoshop experience and create some magical images.

Hope you like them, and maybe… share them? 🙂

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