NY for Street Photography

Business trip to New York.
I didn’t have much time to shoot and the prospects of actually doing it were also not very abundant.
But visiting New York City and not being able to exploit the incredible buzz and cosmopolitan hive of a city that is in the imaginary of millions of people and the aim of any photographer, was not something easy to digest.

About the city itself and about the New Yorkers you can read in another post.

This city has many particularities, and I can confirm that its inhabitants (not necessarily American), can be extremely friendly and polite, and at the same time a bit rough and unpolite. The latter are typically behind the counters at information or public transportation desks.


It was Sunday and I only had a meeting to attend in the afternoon, so I got up early as I always did but this time to dwell into the city, camera in hand, and I challenged myself to get back to the hotel with a good amount of quality photographs.

The weather didn´t help and there was the possibility of rain showers. In good time I decided to buy a small umbrella for “fáibucks” , right in front of the famous Madison Square Garden.
Be aware that shooting with an umbrella trapped between the neck and the shoulder is not very motivating and much less a facilitator. It seems I am playing the violin.

It is true however, that in this city the concept of “normal” is quite broad and you quickly forget the strange positions you get into just to make a shot, and only focus on the photo opportunities that you may encounter.

So here is the outcome. Hope you like them.

Playing with proportions

Paying attention to the huge ads

Be precise in your intentions

Be precise in your intentions

Watch out for silhouettes

Watch out for silhouettes

hats-in-new-york Street-Photography
rain-in-ny new-york-2
Huge secret in NY

Huge secret in NY

new-york-street-2 _MG_3866





new york grand central station


new-york-street-23 new-york-street-5



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