New York shot with an iPhone

Turns out I currently have no gear. No camera, no lenses, no filters. Nothing. Nada.

I tried mirrorless. Can’t get over the EVF situation. I just need to see everything clearly.

I tried Olympus EM1 Mark I, Fujifilm XH1 and Canon EOS R.

Olympus has the best image stabilisation, Fuji the best looks (and image quality) and Canon….is Canon. Menus are great, but the lack of the scroll wheel in the back really turned me off.

So I am waiting for the next one. Maybe the new Olympus, new Fuji or maybe the new EOS R. This one looks like it will be a bettered 5D MK IV in a mirrorless system. But still….I don’t know. The EVF thing….

Anyway, long story not so short anymore, and here I am, shooting with my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Spent some time in Vancouver and New York and maybe you already know how I feel about New York street photography potential (see, but if you don’t, then let me tell you this….there is no other city in the world to do street photography.

Don’t get me wrong, I live in Lisbon – Portugal. Also awesome. Amongst the best, really. But New York has the movement, the contrasts of the day end light, the smoke, the fastness of the daily life, the weirdos… I can go on and on.

So I took to the streets with the gear I currently have, the iPhone.

Here is what I could come up with in a few hours of leisure time.



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