15 Photography Addiction Signs

Admit it: You are one addicted motherphotographer!

Come on…I know it, they know it, and you know it: You have a problem. Actually, you probably ended up here because you googled “addicted to photography”, right?It´s ok. You´re not alone. Here is the 10 symptoms why we are immediately diagnosed with this disease.

1. You can tell what kind of camera someone is using from a distance. And if you can´t, then you go out of your way to move towards him and take a glince.

2. When planning a vacation, your main concern is finding a hotel that offers wifi so you’ll be able to upload your photos to the web, daily.

3. You own several camera bags even though you only have one camera.

4. You convince your family that they should go downtown for a snack in the middle of a hot sunday afternoon, just so you can spend the whole time “street photographing”, while they snack.

5. You make up weird calculations of sale-buy-sale stuff and gear, so that in your mind you end up saving hundreds of euros! You´re not, of course.

6. You know all the specs of your camera and lenses by heart. But not your parents´ birthday dates.

7. When attending a wedding, you are more interested in what the photographer is doing than in anything else.

8. When you see a photo of a model, you find yourself more interested in what lighting was used and how much processing may have been done.

9. You have tried to claim Photoshop and Lightroom as medical expenses because it’s good therapy.

10. You understand why 22 is actually smaller than 5.6

11. You can leave the house without pants, your wallet, glasses or car keys. But you never, ever forget your camera. Actually, you stopped using one of your hands. Holding a camera, is all it does now.

12. You see photo opportunities everywhere! Even if you´re engaged in a conversation, your eyes are scanning around!

13. You now have a “photography gear” budget. You start hiding money at home so your wife doesn’t know that once in awhile you buy new stuff! They won’t notice anyway as they couldn’t care less about our “illness”.

14. “Lovely weather” now means “good light”

15. You have about ZERO photos of yourself. And when people say “give me the camera, I´ll take one of you”, you never accept. The single thought of parting with the camera for a few seconds, makes you shiver.

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