10 signs we have been bitter by the Travel Bug

10 signs you have been bitten by the Travel Bug

1) You refrain from taking a leave from work even when you’re sick. Your hard earned leaves are for traveling, not for being sick!

2) You check flight prices on a regular basis, just in case you get lucky and find a lucrative deal.

3) Your advice to your younger sibling / cousin / niece is to travel as much as possible before they start working.

4) Your inbox is full of travel deals and travel blog subscription emails. Airline deals, hotel deals, itineraries – you have them all!

5) If you could turn back time, that one thing that you’d do differently is to travel more.

6) You know how to say “hello” and “thank you” in 5 different languages apart from your mother tongue.

7) You start showing some serious withdrawal symptoms if you haven’t traveled anywhere for a few weeks.

8) Forget movies – in your spare time, you enjoy reading travel blogs or making rough itineraries.

9) You firmly believe travel is the best test for any relationship.

10) You may not have the best phone but you definitely have a killer backpack.

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