From photos to Digital Art

I have always been fascinated by art. Not any art form in specific, but all of them. Photography, painting, music, design….all of them.

But I do have a special place in my heart for painting. Maybe because I’m a photographer. Or maybe I am a photographer because I like painting, I don’t know. Its a chicken or egg kind of thing.

This fascination for painting started when I visited the National Art Gallery and the Tate Gallery in London and saw works from barroco painters like Caravaggio and Jan Van Eick, the romantic english painter J.William Turner and his amazing landscape and sea sceneries, or even Hieronymos Bosch and the strange but spectacular paintings depicting sin and temptation.

I diverge, so let me get back to photography real quick.

I have absolutely no drawing or sketching skills whatsoever and time is not abundant to learn these skills, so I thought: How can I use my photographic eye, my geometric and colorful photos and the amazing sceneries that Lisbon and Portugal can provide, to compensate this lack of skills and start producing some worth-hanging-in-the-wall images?

Here are a few ways – and tips – to turn your photos into paintings.


In Adobe Photoshop, you can find this tool in the Filter menu, under Blur – Motion Blur

The trick to make this work (and really the only way it will work) is to do it in a photo with mainly horizontal or vertical lines.

Here is the before/after of one with vertical lines:

See what I mean? Isn’t that gorgeous?

Here is how it could look in your living room.

Here is one more:

I rest my case.

Now here are some more examples. With a little bit more photoshop skills, you can actually combine vertical and horizontal motion blur (photo #1 here) , or maybe just partially blur (photo #3 and 4) .

Now go to your portfolio, and choose wisely. The outcome will be absolutely beautiful.


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