Why is New York so amazing?

New Your Skyline

New Your Skyline

I have been to quite a few countries already, but there is somewhere that I never ever get tired of: New York City, “the city that never sleeps”.

I am by no means alone in this feeling. It´s extremely rare that you find someone who has already been to NYC and has´t fallen in love with the city.
Extremely rare. On the contrary, millions of people consider it to be the best city in the world.
Maybe there really is something magical about NYC; or maybe it´s the grandness of its buildings, together with the history, culture, art and non-stop life.

It is now the fourth time I have been to NY and I kind of need to go there every year (although I haven´t been able to) and here is why I think this happens to so many people.

It is common knowledge that people in NYC are a bit rude, which is a bit part of their charm.
Although they are indeed rude, they are the first ones to let you in, and to help you out in as many ways possible.
Their rude side has something to do with the fast-paced lifestyle. They take no bulls**t and have no time to lose.
But at the end they are good-hearted people.

You think of New Youk (or London for that matters) and you think of millions of people from all over the world. I am not even talking about tourists. I am talking about the millions that decided to take a chance in the “land of opportunities”.
These are people from different cultures, different races, creeds and lifestyles. You can see someone with a turbant next to someone with the beard painted in all the colors of the rainbow.
This is also what makes NYC such a cool city!

THE FOODBagel New York
This mix of cultures lends to its extensive food choices.
You can eat anything from Portuguese to Ethiopian, from “crepes” to “sushi” or “tacos”.
And what about the experience of having a typical Cream Cheese Bagel on a street food truck? Yummy!

You can find anything at any time for everyone. Traffic is intense even at 3AM. And there is something fascinating about that. Go figure!
Do you want to catch a movie? Sure. Do you want to grab an Ethiopian snack and Italian ice cream at 4AM? Sure.

FUN ON ANY BUDGETnew york theater
I know. The rents are crazy expensive, but you can still have a lot of fun with very little budget.
You can start by eating in delis or just supermarket your meals. Why not? Are you in NY to experience gourmet food or to enjoy the fr*****g city?
If you’re clever and creative, you can get massive discounts on theater and concert tickets.
Try to hit the theater counter just before the beginning of the show. Sometimes they have unsold tickets that they just want to sell or else for them it´s just…an empty seat.
And while you´re in town, why not try to grab a free “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” ticket?
So don´t tell me you can´t have fun with very little money.

I am a bit biased on this as I always, always visit the Woodbury Common outlet, 45 minutes away from Penn Station.
Be advised: take a big empty bag or suitcase with you, as you will need it! Leave NY at 9AM and return in the last bus, at 21:30 with the bag full of Timberland shoes, Tommy jeans or a Burberry jacket for the most incredible prices you could imagine. Not kidding here.

So this is, in a nut shell, these are just a few reasons why visiting NY it´s so mesmerizing and unforgeteable.

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